Agile Evolution has a rich collection of tools for

  • Discovery and Delivery -  techniques like Design Thinking and other agile methods to find needs and opportunities for effective working. 
  • Assessment - assessing the current and the desired reality of an organisation
  • Matching - Finding the right method or toolkit for the job
  • Leadership - how to lead people towards autonomy, shared leadership and common success

A specific training program can help succeeding on the first steps of an Agile transition and into the Agile Evolution

  • Choose your methods - understand the needs of your team, how your role changes and which of the agile methods is best used for your case.
  • Pragmatic scaling  - what happens if you need to scale your needs.
  • Agile Evolution Introduction - how to start, sustain and harden agile principles, culture and practices in your organisation
  • Agile Leadership - the concepts and tools to lead a Lean Agile organisation.