Leadership is about yourself, your teams and your organization. It has become more complex over time. In an industrial environment, leadership was dominated by the need to be efficient, to ensure operational excellence. This is the domain of management. While this need has not gone away, it is not the only need.

With the increased speed of change, the ability to modify and disrupt, to operate in an uncertain environment, becomes a critical success factor for the sustaining ability to deliver. It requires entrepreneurship on every level.

Organizations need to be able to learn fast, to adapt and spread new insights and knowledge between its members. They rely on the initiative, motivation and loyalty of their members.

Your roles include

  • As a Manager, you provide a productive, effective and innovation friendly environment. This includes structures, governance and a safe space.
  • As a Leader, you help your people grow
  • As an Entrepreneur, you ensure your business is profitable and you manage risks and uncertainty
  • As an Expert, you solve critical technical/domain problems collaboratively with your team.

Not everybody has the necessary skills equally, nor is perfection in each of them needed in all environments.