Agile Evolution

Success in a Changing World - the Objective

Efficiency – which was a huge factor which determines a company´s success prospect is today still important, but only one of several aspects. Success of an organization in today’s complex environment is determined by Efficiency, Resilience, e.g. the ability to innovate and its ability to grow, i.e.learn.

Strategy, Structures, Culture - the key ingredients

To provide the capabilities for these goals, the organization needs to be adaptive. This makes three key ingredients necessary: enabling structures, skilled people and an enabling culture and the proper evolving strategy.

Leadership - the big enabler

The most important relation is not leader-follower, but leader-leader. Leadership is mainly collaborative.

Still, it is a fuzzy and ambiguous field. It becomes easier when we distinguish four traits in the leadership role:

  • Manager: provide structures and environment which are fit for the purpose of the company and allow the employees to grow
  • Leader: actively help people to grow
  • Entrepreneur: has the business view, decision making in difficult situations
  • Domain expert: leads the product development and architectures

These are not distinct role – every leader (and employee) has a different mix of these traits as a skill and responsibility mix.